PrisonWe have experienced workers in male and female prisons across the North East, delivering outreach, mentoring, and working alongside chaplaincy teams to deliver pastoral support.


Creativity is a key feature of our work and can be demonstrated through different media. We have worked with Reflex nationally to produce high quality, accredited courses to support people in custody such as Urban Skillz Music and Urban Skillz Theatre, which use creative thinking skills to reflect on life experiences.

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We currently run a Creative Arts workshop which engages women using different art forms for personal and social development.

Urban Skillz Music – listen to the tracks written and produced by participants in prison.


Our team work alongside the chaplaincy running groups with volunteers to help individuals understand faith and what it means to them. Groups such as The Alpha Course, offer an introduction to the Christian faith to allow people to engage in conversation about their experience and hear the stories of others who have found faith in Jesus.

We welcome people who have live changing stories about how their faith has made a difference to them, to come and to share with those inside to encourage hope for the future.


Individuals who engage with Junction 42 in the prison are invited to receive support upon release. For those resettling to the North East, this is through the Job Club or Connect groups facilitated by Junction 42 in partnership with the local church. For those resettling outside the North East we work with churches in all locations to offer support through Caring for Ex-Offenders.

From families to probation officers, the Junction 42 team works alongside anyone involved in the lives of those resettling from prison to ensure a smooth and joined up process of reintegration, allowing the best possible start to life outside the gates. Find out more about Connect Mentoring.

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