Our Work

The team at Junction 42 blends staff, interns and volunteers in a way of working that is uniquely different. We don’t just talk community, we live it too. Vitally, there is no “us and them,” just US. Social isolation, wealth, background and ethnicity divisions are all barriers to true community, so we just try and set that aside and say come as you are and get to know some people. It’s critical to our success that the team always contains a blend of experienced staff and enthusiastic volunteers, many of are people who have already benefited from our support.

We offer what we have, and all contributions are equally valued; your contribution could be professional, pastoral, voluntary or even financial, we believe everyone has something to offer and something to gain.  We believe no barriers are too hard to bring down with support, faith, and determination. We know first hand that stable lifestyles, stable homes and employment are the critical components to achieving health and independence. So we work in prisons, in the communities and in the business world, aiming to remove obstacles and enable sustainable change. That’s why we have everything from dedicated prison workers to baristas as part of our team.

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